How to turn a door into a storage system

Over time, a lot of different things accumulate in a house or city apartment. Some of them have served their time and must be disposed of, others are just a little tired, and it is a pity to throw them away, still others are used constantly or almost daily. In such situation conventional storage systems (cabinets, desk drawers, and so on) no longer provide enough space to house things. Ordinary interior and furniture doors can help out. With imagination, they can be turned into quite convenient additional storage systems.

ATTENTION! The door can not only distinguish between two adjacent rooms or hide the contents of the cabinet, but also serve to accommodate some trifles, accessories, tools and even wardrobe items.

Interior doors

The first thing you should pay attention to when creating a new storage system is interior doors.

At first glance, this may seem incredible, but they may well serve as the basis for storage. And with the proper formulation of the case the interior design placement of things on the door will not affect. Moreover, this approach will make the room more accurate than it was when things were scattered around the room chaotically.

Using inexpensive accessories purchased at a hardware store or hand-made, any door can be used for conveniently storing various things with easy access to them.

What is needed

Most commonly used all sorts of hookswhich are sold in every home goods store. They can be fixed anywhere on the door surface.

Will fit hangers, holders, chains. Are popular special organizers factory made.

If necessary, you can make different accessories yourself. The owner familiar with carpentry, without much difficulty will do right size shelves and drawers, including retractable. The range of useful homemade products depends only on the imagination of the master and his skills.

What can be stored

IMPORTANT! When creating an original storage system, you should take into account the features and functionality of the room in which storage is organized.

On the kitchen

It would be strange to see, for example, in the kitchen objects and accessories for sleeping. But fixed in special holders lids, cutting boards, jars of bulk products on narrow shelves would be quite appropriate here.

In the bedroom

Here things of a completely different kind are well perceived:

  • bathrobe;
  • ties;
  • decorative pillows;
  • accessories for sleeping;
  • accessories for simple repair of clothes and linen;
  • lamp and so on.

The standard door is about 80-90 centimeters wide.. It is clear that it would be unwise to leave this area untapped. In addition, a beautiful tie, placed on the bedroom door, will decorate the room, make it more comfortable and homely. It is not necessary only to place things of an unpresentable type in sight - they will disfigure the bedroom.


The entrance to the nursery can be used more diversely. Place here toys, school supplies, books and DVDs (almost full replacement of the bookcase), souvenirs, decorative plates and much more. All these items may well become elements of interior design.

Storeroom, entrance hall

A storeroom entrance is a great place to store. tools and supplies for cleaning, cans, containers with chemical products.

And on the door leading from the hallway, it is logical to place the key keepers and other important trifles.

IMPORTANT! Do not overload the door, trying to place on them as much as possible. Remember that an open system requires order and accuracy.

Furniture facades

Attention is drawn to the possibility of using the inside of the facades of wall cabinets and cabinet furniture to create an additional storage system. There are plenty of ways to use such non-standard lockers.

For storage of household supplies and household chemicals, it is advisable to allocate a separate locker. BUT on its door it is appropriate to place a mop, brush and other necessary little things - from the inside, of course.

A car enthusiast can place car care products on the inside of the facade of an economic locker, and an avid angler can use his gear.

TIP! The inner sides of the kitchen door are the perfect place to accommodate narrow shelves and hanging drawers.

It is convenient to store here spices, bottles of olive oil, sauces, seasonings. For this you can use convenient organizers. Pan covers, measuring spoons and other little things also fit well on the inside of the door of the kitchen cabinet.

Furniture facades and interior doors in any room easily turn into convenient storage systems. It is only necessary to give free rein to the imagination and show a creative approach to business.

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