The most dangerous furniture that may be in your home

When purchasing new furniture, we try to find products that will fit the overall style of the room. In this case, few people think that the new headset can cause significant harm to health.

Often a situation arises when, having placed a new furniture, its owner begins to feel a headache, sore throat or itchy skin. So the body reacts to the harmful effects of chemicals.

To protect yourself, you should know what kind of furniture is dangerous to health.

Furniture from chipboard

Chipboard - is a wood board, made by pressing chips. Chipboard is one of the most inexpensive and popular materials, which is used for the manufacture of sofas, chairs and other products.

If in the process of manufacturing the slab, poor-quality raw materials were used, then it would turn out furniture that could be harmful to health. So, glue and resin, which are part of particleboard, contain formaldehyde and carcinogenic substances.

In addition, chipboard products emit phenolphthalein, which is a toxic and toxic substance.

The largest amount of harmful substances is released when there are cracks, scratches and other damage on the surface.

Attention! If the product has an unpleasant smell, then you do not need to buy it!

Cushioned furniture

Throughout the day, we repeatedly contact with sofas and armchairs. This can lead to the development of dermatitis. The cause of allergic skin irritations is aniline. This substance is contained in the dye used for dyeing upholstery fabric. Products containing aniline fade during washing.

Reference! To check the product for aniline content, heat a small piece of upholstery. If an unpleasant chemical smell is felt, it means that unhealthy chemicals were used in the manufacture of upholstery.

Children's furniture

As a rule, products for children undergo additional safety checks. Therefore, they do not arouse suspicion and are considered completely safe for health.

In reality, children's furniture often leads to the appearance of various respiratory diseases, for example, asthma.

Products for children are always colorful and bright. But often low-quality dyes containing toxic toluene are used for their staining. Vapors of this substance irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes and upper respiratory tract.

Attention! To determine the presence of toluene in furniture is simple: you need to wet a cotton pad with acetone and wipe a small area of ​​the surface. If there is no paint on the disc - the product is safe and you can buy it.

How to protect yourself from harmful effects

There are certain standards for the presence of harmful substances in the atmosphere. Thus, the formaldehyde content in the air should not be more than 0.06 ppm. In fact, its actual amount in most residential areas. several times higher.

To find out the exact content of formaldehyde and other harmful substances in the apartment, you can use the services of specialized organizations. But it costs a lot of money. And few people will agree to throw away all the furniture, so you can protect yourself from the harmful effects yourself:

  1. The easiest way to protect yourself is to buy furniture from natural wood. This is especially true of the bedroom.
  2. You need to carefully examine all the furniture. If it has cracks, chips and other coating defects, they should be treated with varnish or PVA glue. So you can prevent the release of toxic substances.
  3. Products made of chipboard should be covered with something. For example, a sofa and chairs can be covered with a rug, and the chairs covered with natural fabric.
  4. We can not allow the accumulation of products from chipboard in one place. If they are close to each other, this significantly increases the concentration of toxic and harmful substances in the air of a residential area.
  5. The apartment and the house need to be ventilated every day. So you can protect yourself and your loved ones from inhaling chemicals.
  6. It is necessary to purchase furniture made from high-quality chipboard. Such material has hazard class E1. This is the safest type of chipboard. Products marked E2, E3 may contain an increased amount of harmful substances. An alternative option would be MDF. This material is safe for the human body.
  7. For the children's room should be purchased products from natural wood.
  8. When buying furniture, you should ask the seller for a quality certificate, as well as a hygienic certificate. It is necessary to make sure that the level of emission of harmful substances does not exceed the norms established by GOST.

What furniture is being tested for safety

ATXia furniture sold in Russia is subject to mandatory verification of compliance with the technical regulations "On the safety of furniture products."

When checking the manufacturer is obliged to provide acts of test, certificates for materials used and other documents.

The information provided is verified by an accredited organization. In addition to issuing certificates, it exercises control over all certified products.

All types of household furniture and products for industrial premises are subject to mandatory control. Certification passes furniture for children and educational institutions.

It should be borne in mind that the issued certificate is valid only for three years.

Find furniture that is completely safe for health is almost unreal. If possible, you should purchase products from natural wood. Otherwise, it is necessary to follow the above recommendations and to protect yourself against toxic secretions.

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