How to open a disposable spice mill

Spices are an indispensable ingredient for cooking, and all housewives use them to create culinary masterpieces.But at one point, the spice ends, and the chefs have a question: "How to open a disposable spice mill at home?".

How to open a mill for spices with a hair dryer and fill new spices

For these purposes, you will need to take a construction dryer, and then follow the next instruction.

1. Heat the area with a hair dryerlocated near the end of the plastic cover. In this case, the heating should be carried out not at one point, but around the entire circumference.

2. Then, using a towel, you can put a little effort, remove the top cap from the mill.

3. In the third step, take the store seasoning, which you plan to use. You can purchase several options. For example, several varieties of pepper and make a kind of platter to give dishes a special highlight. Here everything will depend solely on the flight of fancy and personal preferences.

4. At the fourth step, we pour the purchased spices into a jar and close the lid with a sharp pressing.

5. Check the mill for performance and begin its use.

We open a one-time mill by means of boiled water

This method is suitable for fragile girls who want to fall asleep in the capacity of new spices. The opening instructions are as follows.

1. Lower the jar lid down in a bowl filled with boiling water.

2. Leave it in the tank for 2-4 minutes, until the plastic starts to soften under the influence of high temperature. With a frequency of 30-40 seconds, you can rotate the jar so that water can penetrate into all places.

3. Then take out the mill with a pot holder or kitchen towel and pull the lid towards you. It will open without much effort.

4. My jar and pour spices into it, and then put the lid back on and proceed to use.

How to open a mill using wooden planks

Some containers are stubborn and difficult to open.. In such cases, the suitable method, involving the use of two wooden plates.

  1. It is necessary to take two boards, whose width will be larger than the diameter of the cover.
  2. On one plate should cut a semicircle, recessed inside.
  3. The second action is repeated, but with a mirror image.
  4. Then the mill is installed on a solid surface and is captured by one billet.
  5. With the help of the second blank, you will need to rest on the opposite side and raise the board. Together with it the cover will rise also.
  6. Now you can fill in fresh pepper or other spices, return the cover to its original position and begin to use.


Deciding to open a one-time mill, you should be extremely careful and not give preference to artisanal methods. For example, It is not recommended to use a knife for this purpose.. First of all, them you can get hurt, and secondly - the knife will surely damage the lid and it will no longer close tightly when new spices are poured.

In addition, using the method of boiling water should be understood that plastic is dipped in hot water. The glass container may cause a crack due to the temperature drop, and as a result, your mill will become inoperable. Do not forget to use kitchen tacks or a small towel when working with boiling water.


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