The perfect color for the matrimonial bedroom

Creating a bedroom interior for spouses is probably the most crucial moment. This room must radiate romance, warmth and harmony. During the design of a bedroom for spouses, the use of Feng Shui knowledge and psychology will help strengthen the marriage even more. But regardless of the knowledge in these sciences, the main task is to create a peaceful, attractive and comfortable atmosphere.

Choosing a bedroom color for a married couple

Recommendations for the color of the interior of the room for spouses with experience:

  • spouses with experience is best to design a bedroom in two or three colors;
  • for highly excitable people prone to treason, at least two elements of light green shade are recommended in the bedroom;
  • couples who are afraid of experiments need to get emerald-colored bedding, it is this color that encourages different fantasies;
  • if spouses are engaged in mental work, they are advised to use a bedroom in a blue tint, and, conversely, if a couple is engaged in physical work, then only green colors should dominate the shades;
  • if a couple with experience begins to notice that they are losing their emotional connection, then in order to secure the relationship, you can use only dark golden tones in the room;
  • spouses who constantly swear are advised to avoid any shades of red, orange and yellow colors, it is better to arrange the bedroom with dark blue tones;
  • people who are still hard to get used to each other, it is necessary to organize a room in white shades with many elements of green shade and the obligatory presence of indoor plants;
  • couples suffering from excessive weight are obliged to avoid orange colors, otherwise they will start overeating every night before a night's rest, and instead of love, only a brutal appetite will appear;
  • it is advisable to avoid brown shades in the bedroom, as they lead to premature aging;
  • spouses, already bored with each other, are recommended to use in purple tones, so their connection will be more intimate and inspired.

What colors of the bedroom are suitable for young spouses

Psychologists from the UK for young spouses give the following recommendations:

  • beige and golden tones smooth out differences and help a peaceful dialogue;
  • rooms, which are designed in warm colors, much more often motivate young couples to contact;
  • cold shades make you want to keep your distance;
  • blue and pink contribute to good sleep, but reduce the activity of rapprochement;
  • the splendid passion is experienced by the couple, where the room is saturated with blue and red shades.

Perfect bedroom color for an older couple

In this case, it is proposed to design the interior only in warm natural colors, they contribute to balance and harmony. Due to them, understanding and peace reigns.

The color of lilac, dusty sage or velvety shade relax and bring peace. These tones do not fill the sexual relationship, as they tend to combine pairs, which is sometimes much more important at some stages of the relationship. But you need to beware of saturated feminine tones that negatively affect men.

Try to avoid cold shades such as deep white and blue. But if the room is already painted in these colors, then the bed tones of the pillows and blankets compensate for the excessive coolness.

During the design of the bedroom for couples, you must certainly build on their individual characteristics and the opinions of each spouse. Make an interior room that will highlight the identity of the owners and be able to fence a couple from the outside world.

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