The phone does not see the router, what to do?

The occurrence of malfunctions during operation of the device is a natural phenomenon. When the phone interacts with the wifi network, a common case is signal loss. In the written article, there will be explanations: what to do and how to deal with the problem.

Why the phone does not see the router

To accurately determine the problem, it is recommended that you first determine the source. It can be hidden both in the cellular equipment itself and directly in the router. In the latter case, it is advisable to try connecting another device. If it also does not recognize the signal, then it is precisely in wifi itself. To check your mobile device, you need to find another access point and also start pairing. In a negative result, it becomes clear what the defect is. The most common situations form a whole list with you:

  • Crashes or viruses;
  • The router either crashed or failed on its own;
  • The wifi communication function is not activated;
  • Broadcasting a network on behalf of someone else;
  • Power failure;
  • Pre-configured settings.

Possible causes and solutions

Each option assumes an individual way out of the situation. Thus, it is recommended to review probable defects and methods for their elimination:

  • It often happens that a phone malfunctions, namely in its firmware with an unsettled network. Then it’s worth reloading the invention. If you have recently flashed the system and the problem remains, it is useful to repeat the procedure again.
  • Especially it is necessary to approach the situation with home Internet. If the unit does not see only its own point, it is worth considering the unreliable performance of the router. To solve, you first need to make sure that the distribution function is activated. Accordingly, you should turn to the tab "wireless settings" and check the boxes opposite the first two lines. After that, both standard broadcasting and ssid broadcasting will turn on. If this scheme is unsuccessful, it is advisable to change the channel and region in the section as well.

Attention! With different frequency characteristics of the equipment, the interaction will not be carried out.

  • Thus, you need to properly align the frequency range. Most often it is the default. To check, you need to go into the settings of the cell phone, and then move to the wi-fi window. There you can select the desired value.
  • When observing that the unit is connected, then it disappears again, you should make sure the signal quality. It is important to set the highest value to the sensor power. To do this, use the console and open the "advanced settings". In the same place, mark in the first line the parameter "high".

Reference! Finally, save the changes by pressing the corresponding button. To this it is recommended to install the design away from household appliances in order to avoid possible interference.

  • It is important to look at the phone function, which involves hiding a point with a low signal rate. Perhaps home wi-fi fell into this category. You need to go to the menu of the mobile device and uncheck the box in the Internet section "do not use weak connection".
  • As for the problems with the router itself, it is damaged firmware or regular crashes. In this case, all possible values ​​must be reset. If defects also arise, you will have to contact a service center.
  • When the device does not detect other routers, the source of the problem may be a malfunction of its built-in module. In this case, it is best to equip the equipment with a new motherboard.

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