How to connect wireless headphones to a tablet

Can't imagine your life without your favorite music? Do you like to watch movies and TV shows on the way to work or study in public transport? And, most likely, you hate constantly unraveling headphones? Then this article is for you, because we will talk about a new generation of headphones that work wirelessly, thereby making their operation more convenient.

Currently, this type of connection is becoming increasingly popular in developed countries. As an example, you can take even the remote control familiar to any person from a TV or air conditioning. Like all similar devices, it is equipped with a sensor for receiving a signal coming from the appropriate source and transmitted in one of three ways:

  • via infrared;
  • through a radio channel;
  • using bluetooth.

Wireless headphones work on the basis of the latter type of communication and their undoubted advantage is compatibility with both mobile phones and tablets of various companies. Among the leading models on the market are Airpods from Apple, Beats Studio Wireless, products from Sony and Samsung. Next, consider how to properly connect them to the device.

This type of headphone works by converting an analog signal containing sound into digital. The distance to the source should not exceed 10-15 meters, and the presence of barriers in the form of walls or large objects does not matter and does not affect the quality of the transmission.

A significant drawback of these headphones is the fairly frequent need to recharge them, as well as the device with which they are connected via Bluetooth. Now let's move on to the main topic of the article and step by step consider how to connect wireless headphones to tablets that run on different operating systems.

ATTENTION! Before connecting, make sure that the headset of your choice is compatible with your tablet (Android or iOS). To do this, you should study the instructions attached to the headphones. After checking, you can proceed directly to the connection.

To iOS tablet

Currently, this operating system is the most popular among users around the world and is not going to give up positions. People choose Apple products with the expectation of excellent quality of work, and with regard to headphones - sound.

The "apple" technique is chosen not only by lovers of listening to music, but also by those who create and perform it. More recently, the company's specialists have also developed wireless headphones called Airpods and compatible with the iPhone and iPad of the same company. Let's move on to how to properly connect the miracle of technology to a tablet computer running on the iOS operating system:

  • First of all, you need to turn on the device (in our case, iPad) and the headphones themselves by pressing the corresponding button on the case;
  • Next, open the settings menu on the tablet and select the Bluetooth section;
  • enable the connection by moving the button on the screen to the right;
  • The iPad will automatically search for nearby devices with the wireless connection turned on, and you just need to find and select your headset by name;
  • after this, the headphones should be connected to the tablet, during which sometimes it is necessary to enter a code, usually specified in the instructions;
  • if the operation is successful, the icon of the connected headset will appear on the top of the iPad line and you can already start listening to your favorite songs.

To Android tablet

In addition to Apple tablets, devices from other companies running on the Android operating system are compatible with wireless headphones. They are also suitable for listening to your favorite music or watching TV shows and movies.

Such tablets outperform their competitors in cost; it is usually significantly lower, which means it suits a larger circle of consumers. The steps for connecting wireless headphones to a device with an Android system are practically no different from the previous ones:

  1. Turn on the tablet and headset.
  2. Through the settings menu, turn on the bluetooth connection and select the appropriate headphones among the available devices.
  3. We are waiting for the completion of automatic connection and, if necessary, enter the PIN code specified in the instructions for the headset.
  4. We check the presence of the icon of the connected headphones in the status bar of the tablet computer and proceed to use the gadget with a new accessory.

IMPORTANT!You need to connect only once, and in the future the device will automatically make this choice when you turn on Bluetooth. Also, do not forget about recharging, since the wireless connection is quite energy-consuming for both the tablet and headphones.

In the modern world, wireless accessories are already becoming familiar and more convenient for a large number of consumers, especially since there is nothing complicated in connecting them to an iOS or Android tablet, and anyone can cope with this task. Those who were previously not familiar with this procedure should not have questions after reading this article with detailed instructions.

Watch the video: How to connect Wireless Headphones to Samsung Tab (January 2020).


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