How to turn off the backlight on the mouse

Modern computer mice have long ceased to be simple devices for controlling the cursor on the screen of a personal computer. Now these devices have become a means of expression. They can have the most bizarre shapes, as well as colors and even special lighting.

Undoubtedly, the backlight adds a few points to the appearance of the computer mouse, however, sometimes it needs to be turned off if the color is tired, or the diode responsible for the glow is too bright. In some cases, turning off the backlight is not possible. As, for example, if some of the contacts were flooded. Also, if the instruction is lost, and the combination of buttons that can turn off the LED on the device is unknown.

Also, many of the devices glow even after turning off the PC, as with certain settings, USB power is constantly supplied and the mouse glows around the clock. The most obvious way to turn off the light is to disconnect the device from the USB port. It is very inconvenient to do this every time you turn off the PC, which is why this article will discuss the main ways to turn off the LED.

There are many different ways to turn off a boring glow. Typically, the shutdown process is individual for each device. To more accurately determine how the LED turns off on a particular model, you should use specialized technical literature that describes all the functionality of this computer mouse.

How to turn off the backlight on the mouse using the change keys

In order to turn off the backlight of most models, it is enough to use a combination of certain keys. In different models, these can be various combinations. But the most common is the combined pressing of “+” and “-” to switch dpi. A combination of the “b” and “c” buttons can also help turn off the glow.

Also, on many models, a separate key is responsible for the backlight. You can learn more information if you use specialized technical literature, which describes the entire functionality of the device. Usually, instructions are included (if the device is purchased in an official store).

How to configure mouse backlight using BIOS

In the BIOS, you can configure almost any parameter on the PC. Including in this system, you can adjust the basic functions of a computer mouse. Below will be considered all the basic commands and settings in the BIOS:

PS / 2 Mouse Function Control. This command is responsible for interrupting IRQ12 for PS / 2 when connecting a COM port. Options:

Enabled - IRQ12 interrupt is carried out when connected for PS / 2. This value is set when using a PS / 2 mouse.

Reference! PS / 2 is a 6-pin computer mouse connector. At the moment, it is outdated and is replaced by regular USB.

Auto - IRQ12 interrupts freely, allowing you to freely use other devices.

Reference! On some versions, the name of this option may vary as PS / 2 Mouse or PS / 2 Mouse Support.

Power On By PS / 2 Mouse. Turn on the PC after clicking the mouse button. Options:

  1. Disabled - on
  2. Enabled - off

Legacy USB Support - keyboard and mouse support when connecting them via USB port.


  1. Disabled - on
  2. Enabled - off

Auto - shutdown if there is a connection via USB, and vice versa.

BIOS - connection via BIOS.

OS - support on OS (operating system)

How to turn off the backlight on the mouse by cutting off the wire

There is an alternative way to turn off the backlight. To do this, cut off a special supply wire, which is connected to the LED and is responsible for the backlight. It is strongly discouraged to do this, since, having damaged the integrity of the cable, you can touch not only the supply wire, but also the information one, then the device will become inoperative.

The safest way is to disassemble the computer mouse, and remove the LED, or cut it off with wire cutters. In this case, there is no risk to disrupt the operation of the device and permanently get rid of the annoying glow.

Attention! If the device was opened, and any changes were made to its design, warranty service will not be performed.

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