Laying tiles on a warm electric floor

If you like coziness and try to create the most comfortable conditions in the house, then special attention will be paid to all the basic details of the interior. A particularly important condition for creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere is the finish of the floor. Thanks to modern developments, it can be done with an integrated heating system, the temperature regime of which will be regulated. You should also pay attention to the coating on top of the underfloor heating.

To begin with, you should decide on the choice of a heating system for the floor. Currently, there are several varieties, the main of which are such options:

  1. Laying a special cable through which heat will enter and the coating will heat up. This option is more profitable financially. It costs much less than others. But in this case, there will be difficulties in calculating the length, measuring the room and the correct installation of the entire structure. If you have experience and a desire to save, then this method is perfect.
  2. The second type of insulation is the use of a special mat with a built-in heating cable. It costs more, but it has a number of undeniable advantages. Thanks to the thoughtful design, you only need to expand the mat and spread it over the entire area of ​​the room. Also, the mat will save height, because it does not require extra space for the screed, unlike the previous method.

IMPORTANT! The material should conduct heat well and ensure uniform heating of the entire surface for better air circulation. In this case, the coating must be heat resistant.

Of course, the advantage remains with the heating mat, in which everything is calculated and thought out in advance. However, the choice is individual. If desired, you can install the cable yourself.

After installing the heating system, you should take care of a suitable coating. Ceramic tiles are popular. Her styling does not take much time and is quite feasible for the average person. However, in order to achieve the desired result, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with some features:

  • at the end of installation work, the coating height should coincide in all rooms so that there are no sudden transitions;
  • when choosing an adhesive base, attention should be paid to its characteristics - the adhesive should be resistant to thermal stress;
  • the adhesive applied under the tile should not exceed a level of more than 1 cm - this ratio will be ideal for conducting heat;
  • It is not recommended to turn on the heating when the glue dries, it should harden at room temperature;
  • reliable fixation of the heating mat to the floor should be ensured;
  • think in advance about the places where pipes and wires exit to create additional holes on the surface of the floor covering.

IMPORTANT! Tiles have flaws. For example, the surface becomes slippery when water gets on it, so you should lay a carpet and make sure that the floor is constantly dry.

Before starting work, you should make sure that you have all the necessary materials and tools. To install the structure you will need:

  • 2 levels of different sizes;
  • fixing and demarcating crosses;
  • putty knives;
  • tile cutting device;
  • hammer drill or conventional drill with drills;
  • special glue;
  • container for mixing the solution;
  • rags to remove dirt and excess mixture;
  • corner;
  • tassels;
  • set of measuring tools and pencil.

This is an approximate list of items that you should focus on. If necessary, you can supplement it with tools for the convenience of your choice.

After completing all the preparatory work and buying the necessary tools, you can proceed to the main stage of laying the tiles on top of the heating floor covering. For convenience, we suggest using step-by-step instructions and performing all actions according to the plan.

  1. Using a notched trowel, apply glue to the surface of the base and tile. Special recesses provide an opportunity for strong adhesion.
  2. Cover the base with an even layer of glue per 1 square meter.
  3. Lay the tile according to the markings applied in advance.
  4. Take some effort to fix the material.
  5. Repeat the tiled operation on the adhesive-coated surface over the entire area of ​​the room.
  6. Spread the fixing crosses between them to form the correct seam.
  7. Remove excess adhesive immediately with a dry cloth. If it gets on the front, moisten the cloth slightly and rinse the tile.

After the adhesive base has completely dried, the joints should be rubbed and the floor should be given integrity. At the same time, pay attention to the gaps between the tiles, glue should not remain in them, otherwise nothing will work, and the grout will be poorly fixed. After finishing work, you can turn on the warm floor and check its operation.

Watch the video: How to Install a SunTouch Electric Floor Heating Mat (January 2020).


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