How to find out the monitor model on a computer

Recently, a wide variety of technologies have been actively developed. They are quickly introduced into all spheres of human activity, from professional devices in enterprises to elements of home appliances used in everyday life.

On the one hand, such dynamics in development drives progress, and we get the latest developments. But, on the other hand, among the huge assortment and variety it is very easy to get confused. For example, in choosing a model that meets all the necessary parameters. For this, these you need to know the parameters exactly.

If you want to buy a new monitor for a replacement and want the model to remain the same, then you will have to find out the original version. It is also useful to know the version of the equipment for its full diagnosis, clarification of the full list of characteristics and troubleshooting in case of malfunctions.

In any case, regardless of the reason for which you need to know the model, you should accurately understand how to do it.

In our article, we will teach you to determine the model of a device without resorting to disassembling the case. This is quite simple to do if you know the places where a special mark is placed.

Where to see the monitor model

If you need to find out the exact monitor settings, you can use one of the following methods.

On the case

IMPORTANT! Do not rush to disassemble the equipment, as it is possible to find out the model on a special sticker from the outside of the case.

Carefully look for a sticker on the monitor body.

  • On older versions manufacturers put their marks on the back panels. They looked like stamps with basic designations in the relevant paragraphs.
  • In more modern devices in addition to this comes a special sticker on the front. However, it can easily come off and get lost. If you find such a stamp or sticker, look at the corresponding item indicating the name of the model. As a rule, he stands in the top row.

In the Internet

Another option would be search for a monitor similar in appearance to the Internet.

If you can determine the version by one case, you can try this method. However, it is worth considering that this approach does not guarantee an accurate determination of the device model.

In documents

If you have preserved any possible documentation for the purchased electronics, can try to find all the information in it.

These methods involve searching for information without using special programs and parsing panels. If you find, then the goal is achieved. Otherwise, you will have to go into the description of your monitor using the system settings.

IMPORTANT! Carefully inspect the entire surface and documentation for the purchased equipment. Only in the absence of information, proceed to the next stage, which consists in a detailed search.

How to find out the monitor model

After a certain time, the stamps may be erased and the stickers may be lost. Even if they are preserved, but partially worn out and cannot give an exact name, then it is worth using other methods.

They are a little more complicated than the previous ones, however, if desired, they can be quickly mastered. Any person can perform the actions, it will be enough just to follow the instructions.

Using special programs

One possible option would be to use special utilities. it Programs designed to determine the version of the device and information about it.

Reference. Among a large number of such programs, Everest and Aida 64 are considered the best.

After download go into the program and open the section in which all the necessary information will be displayed. If you need an extended list, you can download the Astra service.

In computer data

If you do not want to download additional programs to your computer, you can use the input to the computer properties through the control panel.

  • To do this, go to "Devices and Printers" from the "Hardware and Sound" section.
  • Select a monitor from the proposed list of devices, click on it and open the list of characteristics, including the model name.

Now that you have found the necessary information, you can see the technical specifications, deal with the system and even purchase a new screen. Just type on the Internet a request for the type of model.

And after the purchase, try not to lose documents, operating instructions.

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