How to clean the green from the carpet

Each house has a greenhouse. It is a popular antiseptic that is used to disinfect various wounds. Sometimes, when using the green brush for its intended purpose, it falls on the surface of household items. The blotch that forms after it is quite difficult to remove. But do not rush to throw away the things on which she fell. In this article, we will help you deal with this problem.

If you have such a disaster, do not despair. Just follow this instruction:

  • Take a swab and soak it with peroxide;
  • Apply swab to contamination;
  • With a cloth or a swab, dry the problem area without rubbing the surface so as not to smear the brilliant green on the carpet.

If peroxide has shown an ineffective result, as an alternative, use hydroperit tablets, they are more concentrated and will certainly help you.

Also, the problem can be solved with ammonia. When applied to the place of contamination, greenback loses its color. Simply apply ammonia to the stain and wait for it to work. Since ammonia is harmful to the human respiratory tract. Therefore, it is advisable to open windows before this procedure.

But if the green spot is still fresh, you can easily cope with a triple cologne, acetone, or medical alcohol. To do this, soak the swab with the selected liquid, and then dry with a cloth, or a stain with a dry swab.

Which stains are best to remove, fresh or already dried

In the event of a fresh surface spot, it is recommended to immediately take up its removal. After all, until the spot has dried up, it still does not have time to soak on the surface. With a quick response to the situation, getting rid of the stain will not be particularly difficult. A dried stain can also be completely removed, but after that there may be consequences. Indeed, in order to get rid of dried greens, substances with high chemical activity are required, which can damage the carpet itself.

Tools for removing greens from the surface

In addition to ammonia and peroxide, there are many more tools to solve this problem. Let's consider them further:

  • Washing powder. To clean the diamond solution from the carpet using the powder is simple:
  1. Pour the powder into hot water. Knock down water until it begins to foam.
  2. Brush the resulting foam from the powder onto the surface. Rub the foam evenly along the radius of soiling.
  3. Perform this action until the foam disappears at the site of contamination. Then we apply new foam on the carpet, leaving it for half an hour.
  4. After 30 minutes, wipe with a brush again.

Before you begin to remove the stain with this method, it is very important to choose the right powder. For example, if you have a white carpet, the powder should have bleaching properties. And if the surface of the palace is bright, or dark colors, respectively, powder for colored things is suitable for it.

  • Removing stains with soap and soda.Wipe the soap into small pieces. Next, mix soap with soda in water and mix until it turns into a kind of "porridge." In a dense layer, apply it to the place of contamination and rub it thoroughly with a toothbrush. After an hour, the formation should disappear. After that, you only need to rinse the surface with water.
  • Vanish.This tool is quite popular among buyers. It is famous for its effectiveness against any stains. In order to remove the "blot" from the brilliant green using Vanish it is necessary:
  1. Apply a full cap of this product to contamination;
  2. Wait two to three hours. Then rub abundantly with a brush;
  3. Rinse with water.

This is not all the means by which you can get rid of greenbacks, you can add to them such means as:

  • ACE bleach;
  • White;
  • Antipyatin;
  • Sa8.

Important!All the funds mentioned above are suitable for any carpet. But the chemical components used to remove formations adversely affect the carpet. Therefore, it is not recommended for a long time to apply them to the surface. After removing stains, rinse the carpet thoroughly.

Tools you need

To effectively bring out the brilliant green you will need:

  • Soft tissue swabs;
  • The selected removal tool;
  • Water;
  • Brush.

Features of brilliant green solution

Green diamond solution is the scientific name for brilliant green. It is a popular antiseptic in the population. Antiseptics contain potent substances that, getting on the wound, warm it and drain the surface. This is exactly what happens with any surface on which the brilliant green falls. A place stained with brilliant green quickly dries and soaks into the surface. Therefore, you should respond immediately.

In addition to the methods described above for solving this problem, in addition to all the above, there are other methods, for example:

  • 3% hydrochloric acid solution;
  • Mixtures of vinegar and soda;
  • The combination of potassium permanganate mixtures with vinegar, followed by the application of hydrogen peroxide with vinegar.

The spot removal algorithm for this method is the same as the rest. Clearly following the instructions, green spots will not be scary for you.

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