How to allow access to the microphone in VK

VKontakte is one of the most popular social networks in Russia. Thousands of users use the service and the services it provides daily. By registering on VKontakte, you can not only correspond via messages, but also browse your friends ’personal pages, find out new information from thematic groups and even transfer money. Not so long ago, a new useful feature appeared - the ability to make calls through the social network, which allows you to significantly save on long-distance and even foreign calls. But in order for you to be heard by another user, you must allow the service access to your microphone on your phone or computer. How to do it?

Why access to the microphone "VKontakte" is denied

First you need to understand the reasons why the microphone does not work for you. The fact is that when you enter the site, the service immediately asks you for permission in the form of a window with two buttons: “Allow” and “Deny”. Not every one of us understands what it is, and sometimes there’s just no time to sort it out and even read the notification altogether, so we just click on “Deny” right away.

Browsers that use a secure connection (it is characterized by the addition of a letter in the address bar to a regular http "s ", i.e. "https "), they remember your choice and it is not proposed to allow access in the future. But you had to call using the VC and the microphone does not work. Do not panic, because it is easy to fix it on your own.

Another reason may be that the microphone, in principle, is not connected to the computer or is not accepted in the settings. It also happens that the device broke down for quite ordinary reasons. In the latter case, it remains only to acquire a new microphone. You can buy it at any specialized store.

How to allow access to the microphone in VK

So what should you do if you need to call, but there is no access to the device?

First of all, check the microphone connection to the computer. Perhaps the plug is removed or you just forgot to insert it. In this case, you just need to return it to its place.

IMPORTANT! After reconnecting, you may receive the same window asking you to allow the use of the device. Select the "Allow" button and you can immediately start a call.

If this does not solve the problem, then the next step will be to verify the presence of a microphone in the computer system. To do this, go to the control panel and find the item "Hardware and Sound". There you will see a list of connected devices. You need to check if the desired microphone is muted. If so, then you just need to click the "Enable" button to configure the connection.

But all this will be useless if the reason lies in the fact that you once denied access to the site. Then go to your browser settings and look for all the saved data there. In different browsers, the settings interface may differ, but everywhere there is a list of saved data. There you will see a list of sites and access rules set for them. The ban on should be removed. After that, the next time you visit the site, the same window will appear with the request. This time, answer correctly and the problem will immediately disappear.

Now you know why sound may not work during Vkontakte calls and what needs to be done to allow access to the service. The call function is one of the newest on the site, but it has already gained immense popularity, making VK even more convenient. Now you do not need to spend a lot of money to talk with loved ones, as well as install third-party messengers or applications. Especially suitable for those who have an unlimited limit from the provider to use this social network.

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