How to use an epilator so that hair does not grow

Ingrown hairs not only look unaesthetically, but also cause physical inconvenience. The skin over the follicle becomes inflamed, reddens, itches. The problem of ingrown hair is especially relevant for those who use an epilator or machine at home.

During such procedures, only part of the hair is removed, while the bulb remains intact. Hair can grow. But since after regular procedures they become weaker and the epithelium drier and coarser above them, the hairs can change the direction of their growth - they will grow inward or sideways, or will rise to the surface and, bent, grow into the epithelium - with the last problem often girls with especially delicate and thin skin face.

Features of using an epilator to prevent hair ingrowth

How to use an epilator so that hair does not grow in? The device must be used clearly according to the instructions. The basic principle is that it is held to the surface of the body at an angle of 90 °. Processing begins with small areas, then move on to large ones.

The model of the epilator may not be suitable for wet hair removal, in this case, steamed skin should be well dried with a towel before the procedure.

Use a peeling nozzle before the procedure. It can be replaced with abrasive scrubs based on coffee or chopped apricot kernels. But the nozzle itself is very useful, and it also saves time.

There are models with interchangeable nozzles that allow you to qualitatively exfoliate the skin after the procedure.

IMPORTANT. If during the procedure the painful sensations are too pronounced, you should refuse to remove the hair with an epilator and look for another way.

How to care for skin before and after using the device

What features of the epilator will help prevent hair ingrowth? Care before and after is a key moment in the fight against ingrown hair. Before the procedure, it is enough to observe a number of simple rules:

  1. The day before the procedure, you should not use a rich nourishing cream or oil, only well-absorbing moisturizing light emulsions.
  2. Hair must be lifted before the procedure. To do this, use a scrub. It is advisable to combine successively two - coarser and finer. The first one is required for those who often wear tights or very tight-fitting jeans. Such clothing not only tightly binds hairs to the skin, but also contributes to increased dryness and coarsening of the epithelium. It is advisable to use a very rough scrub 2 days before the procedure. You can quality polish the desired area with a washcloth.
  3. Immediately before the procedure, you need to steam the body well. A warm bath expands the pores, which allows you to get rid of unwanted vegetation more efficiently. After the bath, the skin is dried with a towel dry.
  4. Too long hairs should be cut. The instructions for the epilator always indicate how long is permissible. Hair should also not be excessively short.

ATTENTION. It is sometimes recommended to treat the skin prior to hair removal with alcohol. It disinfects, prevents microinflammation. However, alcohol strongly dries the epithelium, making it more vulnerable. Such treatment is suitable only for women with very dense, prone to oily skin.

Skin care before and after the epilator so that the hair does not grow: after the procedure, lotions that slow down hair growth are used. But you can use any means that relieve irritation. Some women have successfully used men's after shave gels and creams. They really are able to cool and soothe the skin with high quality. But suitable only for women with thick skin. It is not recommended to use products with alcohol! In general, a body care product after depilation should be selected only individually, taking into account personal characteristics. Cream or lotion should be:

  1. Lightweight, well absorbed.
  2. Qualitatively soothing the skin.
  3. Effectively relieving irritation.

And it can even be pharmacy or baby creams with panthenol, allantoin, or pure aloe vera gel.

Prevention of hair growth from hair removal

What to do so that hair does not grow after the epilator? Prevention measures:

  1. If you often wear tights or tight-fitting jeans, the risk of hair ingrowth increases. They should not be worn immediately after the procedure, especially with synthetic fabrics.
  2. After hair removal, to prevent inflammation, the most sensitive areas are treated with disinfectants: salicylic acid, chlorgesidine.
  3. Carefully choose makeup products, focusing on peeling scrubs creams that relieve stress. Preference should be given to light consistencies: lotions, emulsions, milk.
  4. During the day after the procedure, the skin should not be stressed: do not moisturize, do not wet, do not sunbathe.
  5. Irritations can be treated pointwise with alcohol to avoid the growth of bacteria.

IMPORTANT. Between hair removal procedures, you should carefully take care of the body. Use scrubs and a moisturizer at least 2 times a week. Elastic, well-breathing skin is the best prevention of hair ingrowth.

Sometimes the problem of ingrown hair is underestimated. However, prevention is the best treatment. Following the simple rules given above will not only prevent the problem, but will also help preserve the beauty of the skin.

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