What is the difference between an ottoman and a bed

The bedroom is the place where, when you come into it, you can relax from the hustle and bustle, retire and stay with you, sleep well or just lie down. Choosing furniture for a particular room takes a considerable amount of time. In the article we will talk about furniture in the bedroom. Or rather, about the choice between an ottoman and a bed.

Features of a standard bed

The design of this product is simple. Prop and four legs. In size, they distinguish:

  • Single. It will not give the owner a sense of comfort and freedom during sleep.
  • One and a half. As a rule, for one person. Do not take up much space.
  • Double room. Without extra space, can accommodate 2 people.
  • Euro. Indeed, a spacious and very roomy bed. It is comfortable to sleep on it alone, or a couple of people. Even if you are not alone, then you will have enough space, and it will be comfortable to sleep.

Species difference:

  • Wooden. Particleboard or natural wood. In general, wood materials in bedrooms will bring harmony and peace. The most recommended and popular material.
  • Iron, metal. It is rare in furniture markets. Suitable for some interior styles.
  • Combined. Consist of both wood and iron. A pretty good solution if you can not decide on the material of the bed.


  1. Functionality. It serves as an object exclusively designed for sleeping. You can’t put it in the living room.
  2. The size. It is made strictly to size. It can not be laid out on an extra bed.
  3. Accessories for a single bedroom set.
  4. Strength is expressed depending on the quality of the material.
  5. The presence of two walls.

Ottoman Features

It is a "relative" of the sofa. Its design is quite diverse.

There are no restrictions on the size.

The form may be:

  • Rectangular Most often this kind of variety is found.
  • Square. Well suited to spacious rooms.
  • Round. Custom shape. It is good for staging in the center of the room.


  1. Universality. It can serve as a berth, as well as a sofa for the living room.
  2. A variety of color palette.
  3. Protective side wall. If you put the couch against the wall, the wall will protect the wallpaper from damage.
  4. Change of berth. Most often, models are made sliding. A pair of people can fit on such a piece of furniture.
  5. Perfect for small apartments. It will save a lot of space, but at the same time introduce the necessary functions.

Ottoman and bed comparison

Now we will analyze how these two products are mainly distinguished.

By components

  • Unlike the bed, the ottoman has additional pull-out or interior drawers for things.
  • The presence of additional walls in the first option is greater than in the second.
  • The bed has a choice of the necessary mattress.

IMPORTANT! Before buying, it is advisable to check the elasticity and rigidity of the mattress on the couch.

By functionality

  • The ottoman provides extra beds. A pull-out mechanism and a fold-out mattress or extra pillows provide the capacity for several people.
  • The bed gives space (depending on size) and freedom in relaxation.
  • Accommodation regardless of room category.
  • The bed requires careful selection of the mattress.

Which is better, ottoman or bed

Ottoman is a more economical and versatile option. The second option is definitely suitable only for bedrooms and involves additional costs (mattress).

The ottoman fits perfectly both in small rooms and in spacious ones. The bed got such a restriction. And its size depends on the size of the room.

The ottoman has a diverse design. The bed is limited by the color scheme and is suitable for a certain palette of colors.

Summarize. Now you know the main difference. Further, the choice is up to you. It is advisable to select the product for the area of ​​the room, the color scheme of the interior and functionality.

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