Baby crib decoration

Waiting for a baby is an exciting and full of worries time, because so many things need to be prepared by the time he is born. One of the most important things is to prepare a bed in which the baby will be almost constantly, the first time after birth.

What materials can be used to design a crib

It is advisable that all items in the baby’s room are made of natural materials. When choosing a crib, it is better to give preference to furniture made of wood or metal, as these materials do not cause allergies. Manufacturers of children's furniture can also use safe plastic. Confirm the safety of the product will help a hygienic certificate, which must be with the seller when selling children's goods.

IMPORTANT: The seller of children's furniture is required to present a hygiene certificate at the first request of the buyer.

A set of bed linen, sides and a canopy should also be chosen from natural and hypoallergenic materialswhich are able to pass air well and be comfortable for the delicate skin of the baby. For bedding and sides, fabrics such as chintz, calico, linen or flannel are suitable.

Ideas for crib design

In children's stores there is a large selection of various accessories for a baby's bed. They are made in various color and stylistic themes. When buying bedding for their crumbs, parents need to consider that bright saturated colors tend to excite the child’s nervous system and, therefore, prevent him from falling asleep as soon as possible.

It is worth paying special attention to the decorative elements that can decorate the crib. It is better to refuse jewelry made of rhinestones, beads or buttons, because as soon as the baby can reach them, he will certainly try to tear them off, thereby injuring himself.

Canopy for crib

The canopy or canopy not only makes the bed more elegant, they also protect the baby from drafts, insects and too bright light.

For a canopy, it is more appropriate to choose a fabric containing natural fibers: silk or cotton veil, chiffon, silk or muslin organza. These fabrics are easily and beautifully draped, and also allow air to pass through, trapping dust particles.

IMPORTANT: do not use a canopy made of synthetic material. Synthetics do not let air through, but create a greenhouse effect that makes the child’s breathing difficult.

Decorations for the side of the crib

In addition to decorative beads, they perform a protective function. They protect against impacts on the solid elements of the crib during flipping and other active actions of the baby and serve as additional protection against drafts.

The sides are in the form of square or rectangular pillows, rollers or the so-called bom bon sides. It is customary to decorate sets for girls with bows, flowers, frills or ruffles; for boys, embroidery or applique is used as decor. In any case, it is necessary to carefully check the attachment of the jewelry, as inquisitive children's hands will definitely try to tear them off.

Pendant jewelry

After the first month of life, the baby begins to be interested in surrounding objects, so all kinds of small toys, such as stars, snowflakes, fairy-tale characters or animals, are hung over the crib.

They can be fixed on a mechanical musical mobile, then the child will follow his eyes for rotating objects.

As an option, attach the toys to the sides of the crib so that the child calmly reaches and touches them with pens. They can be bought at any children's store, made of felt, sew or knit. For the development of fine motor skills, it is better to choose toys from different textures and materials.

IMPORTANT! Do not forget to periodically move the toys to another place so that the baby does not look all the time in one direction.

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