Electric stove ignition does not work

A common attribute of a modern gas stove is electric ignition on a piezoelectric element. The use of matches for igniting a burner is caused by the inconvenience and the possibility of getting burned. The presence of electric ignition makes the stove safe and convenient to use.

What to do if electric ignition does not work

Modern gas stove equipment sometimes fails. If you find problems in the electric ignition, do not rush to call the master. It makes sense to try to find the malfunction yourself and fix it.

Symptoms, signs of breakage

Confirmation of failure of the electrical function is:

  • pressing the button is accompanied by a shutdown of the automatic power supply of the apartment or house;
  • after turning off the control button, the piezoelectric element continues to work and does not turn off, while the gas is ignited;
  • when turned on, clicks are heard, the automation works, but the gas does not ignite;
  • the inclusion of the function by a separate button or by turning the knob does not ignite the outgoing gas, clicks are not heard;
  • when pressed, a spark appears, but the gas does not ignite;
  • the piezoelectric element is switched on randomly when the burner is on.

The appearance of these or similar signs in the operation of the electrical function indicates a malfunction. It appears unexpectedly and requires prompt elimination for the convenience of using the stove.

Possible causes of failure

To eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to identify the reason why the electric ignition does not work:

  • in the event of a short circuit, the contacts are oxidized, and the presence of soot does not allow normal use of this function;
  • silicon candle defect - it may have a crack or insulation damage;
  • malfunction of the transformer, which is designed to generate spark current;
  • the presence of fat or moisture inside the ignition system;
  • open circuit system.

ATTENTION! Wet cleaning of the gas stove can cause a malfunction of the electrical option. To avoid this, when servicing the stove, it is not recommended to use a large amount of water.

How to repair a piezoelectric element

To fix the malfunction yourself, you need to find out the cause, and then proceed to eliminate it.

Clarification of the cause

Often you have to face the fact that the electric ignition of one burner does not work. This means that troubleshooting must be done along the path of the electric current to the faulty piezoelectric element.

First of all, an external examination is performed. The presence of foreign objects on the surface of the contacts must be excluded.

ATTENTION! When examining the ceramic surface of an element, it is advisable to use a magnifying glass to verify that there are no cracks.

If the piezoelectric element works, but the gas does not ignite, the burner is switched on by another source of fire and carefully monitor the combustion process. If the fire is dim or with a yellowish tint, then the cause of the malfunction is poor-quality mixture formation due to the need to service the supplying gas channels and burners.

The defect detected during inspection is eliminated by replacing the broken element. To detect hidden malfunctions of the wiring of the electric network of the gas stove, a tester is used. Measuring the voltage, at the moment the button is turned on, the operability of the checked section of the circuit or control unit and the current emerging from it are revealed.


After examining the available elements from the outside and the need arises to study the inside of the stove and carry out repairs, it is necessary:

  1. Remove the top cover of the stove or access the bottom of the hob embedded in the kitchen furniture.
  2. After diagnosing and identifying a faulty piezoelectric element, it is unscrewed from the inside of the hob. For this, sometimes a light tapping with a wooden object is required so as not to damage the ceramic case.

IMPORTANT! Before removing the sparking element, you need to check the density of contact with the network. The malfunction may be due to oxidation of the contact surfaces.

  1. Now you need to replace the piezoelectric element with a new one and insert it into a regular place.

After installation, check the performance of the plate and fix everything in the original places.

ATTENTION! The cause of the malfunction of the spark-forming element is often fat at its contacts. To eliminate this drawback, you need to clean these surfaces with sandpaper.

If a malfunction of the control unit or contact wires is detected, replace the defective parts, then check the operation of the stove.

Security measures

When disassembling the top of the stove or hob, it is necessary to turn off the electricity, then turn off the gas supply. When checking the operability of the stove in disassembled form after repair, the connection of electricity and gas is performed in the short-term mode. A full connection of the stove to the required communications is carried out after completion of all assembly work.

Having the skills to work with a screwdriver and an electric tester, everyone can independently identify and eliminate damage to the hob with electric ignition. The operability of household appliances is the key to a good mood, especially after doing the repair yourself.

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