How to choose an ironing board for a steam generator

Ironing board is an essential attribute when using an iron. Their design is arranged in such a way that allows you to stepwise adjust the height, depending on the growth of the user. It makes it possible to reduce the time for ironing products, ironing clothes in places that are not convenient for ironing, and not wrinkling clothes, which makes the work pleasant and comfortable.

What to look for when making a purchase

When planning to purchase a product for a steam generator, pay attention to:

  • The stand, which must be adapted for safe and convenient operation, hold a mass of more than 7 kg and have a wide surface;

  • On the board legs, the higher their supporting surface, the more stable the structure will be. It is desirable that rubber nozzles be attached to them, this will allow to get rid of the sliding structure in the process.

Design Features

What kind of ironing board is needed for a steam generator? Ironing devices are available in different weights, configurations and the material from which they are made. They are divided into:

  • Board. This is the simplest model that does not require a lot of space. The design consists of metal legs, adjustable in height, a base made of plywood, on which a cotton cover is put on with a small layer of foam rubber. This model is used for cases when ironing requires small items and not very wrinkled;

  • Wall mounted. This model is attached to the wall. There are models that fold in half, thereby saving space. But adjust the height for each user individually, it does not work out;

  • Floor - differ in durability and reliability. It is used for large rooms, laundries, as it takes up a lot of space;

  • Embedded. They are divided into sliding and folding. Harmoniously fit into any interior of the room, decorating it, due to the decor on the back of the folding surface. And sliding ones are installed deep in the cabinets, such a device is removed from the cabinet using the rollers installed on it.

Important! And there is also a separate category used for steam generators. Their design consists of a metal folding frame and tabletop with four-layer flooring. They come in classic type and active.

Board Features

How to choose an ironing board for a steam generator? The main purpose of all ironing boards is to provide comfort to the user during operation. Therefore, for the convenience of the user, ironing boards are equipped with shelves for clothes, supports for the iron, holders for hangers.

A special removable device helps iron the collar and sleeve, and folding ironers are provided on the board for ironing shirts. Steam generator boards are most convenient to use, as they are equipped with a wider surface with a special flooring. Thanks to this special surface, the steam generator is easier to slide on the surface and excess moisture is absorbed faster.

The first layer of this perforated base is made of thermoplastic or metal with a water-repellent wall. Foam is laid on it, which contributes to the absorption of moisture, on top of the foam substrate to improve gliding. A cover made of linen or cotton is worn over the foam.

Advantages of steam generator boards over conventional ones:

  • Wider surface;

  • Special coating layers providing vapor absorption and easier gliding;

  • The presence of an outlet with a long cord attached to the board, and a special stand for the steam system;

  • Strong and steady legs allowing to work safely.

The best ironing boards

Professionals who constantly have to use a steam generator prefer ironing steam systems. They combine an iron and a board for a steam generator, only more functional. Since they are equipped with a built-in fan, which allowed to improve the functions of the system, adding to it:

  • Ventilation. The function creates a protective shell that provides delicate smoothing of products from thin material;

  • Vapor absorption. The system is equipped with a compartment for collecting excess moisture, and steam passing through the product, pulls the fabric to the countertop, thereby facilitating alignment. This function will allow you to point arrows on the trousers and iron products made of slippery material.

Advice from professionals

An additional function has been developed for active users of steam systems, which heats the table to 60º. This provides an easier and better way to smooth products, due to the two-sided heating of things. When choosing a model, it is better to take the device with the option presented.

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