How to clean a coffee machine

Aromatic coffee is so invigorating in the mornings; it is impossible to make it correctly without a coffee machine. But, like all equipment, this device requires careful care and cleaning.

The coffee machine needs regular cleaning. Any device must be carefully monitored, otherwise it will be much worse to perform its functions. In the case of a coffee machine, this will result in increased energy consumption, deterioration in the quality of the prepared coffee and in the breakdown of an expensive unit.

A distinctive feature of any home appliance that facilitates the performance of household chores is demanding care.

In order for coffee to have a pleasant aroma and perfect taste, the machine for its preparation must be cleaned of scale. This procedure will extend the life of the product. Regular cleaning is carried out for the following reasons:

  • The appearance of limescale gives an unpleasant taste to coffee, and also significantly increases the cost of electricity. Timely cleaning of the product should be carried out even when using distilled water, over time, plaque still settles at the bottom of the device. If you do not take care of the device correctly, then its breakdown is not excluded, and in the near future;
  • Removing fat from all parts of the machine is also a must. For this, specialized tablets are used that cleanse within twenty minutes.

The instructions for each coffee machine indicate the period after which it is necessary to clean it. Usually it is expressed in prepared cups of coffee and averages about 200-300 cups. Still need to take into account the hardness of the water.

It is best to clean the coffee machine before a malfunction occurs., but in some cases, the owners condescend to this procedure only after the appearance of such signs:

  • The coffee machine indicator lights, indicating a malfunction;
  • Lack of hot water supply;
  • Leaking housing;
  • Scum pieces come out of the coffee machine with water or steam;
  • Sounds too loud when the coffee machine is working;
  • The coffee machine turns on, but does not perform the necessary actions;
  • Coffee temperature is below normal;
  • Reduced coffee pouring speed;

Important! You also need to constantly wash other parts of the coffee machine - a cappuccino machine, a tray, a case, a waste container. They can be washed with a sponge with soda.

The procedure for caring for a coffee machine consists of several stages:

  • The choice of decalcifying substance - it can be a purchased composition or citric acid, depending on the choice, the proportion of the composition and water is determined;
  • Before switching on the machine, all possible particles of coffee beans are removed;
  • Next, the hydraulic system is cleaned;
  • Then the hopper is completely washed out by starting a coffee beverage program.

There is an option for automatic descaling of the product, this function should be provided in the device:

  • The container is emptied of coffee;
  • Next, water is poured into the tank and antiscale is added;
  • The auto-cleaning function starts;
  • After 10 minutes of operation of the device in this mode, the nozzle turns to the right, which releases the steam, until the red indicator lights up;
  • Then the tray is washed from the drops, water is poured and the vessel is substituted, and the faucet turns to the left side. This is how the machine is internally cleaned;
  • Then you just have to wait until the green indicators appear, which will inform you about the successful completion of cleaning the product.

This option should be applied systematically, but not too often, it is necessary to clean the housing, outflow and all available containers and parts.

How to descale a coffee machine

The process itself takes no more than half an hour, the frequency of treatment depends on the version of the water used, if it is from the tap, then it increases. When using a cleaned version of the liquid, cleaning is carried out approximately twice a month.

Before cleaning the coffee machine, make sure that there are no coffee beans left in it. For cleaning, you can buy special products or apply simple citric acid. In most cases, citric acid fits very well.

The easiest way to wash the machine is with an automatic cleaning function. Typically, for such machines, the instructions provide a list of suitable cleaning products. The automatic cleaning procedure is simple:

  • Release the container and coffee cleaner;
  • Pour water in the specified amount and add cleaning agent according to the instructions;
  • Launch an automatic cleaning system;
  • After completion of the procedure, drain the water;
  • At the end, all indicators should light up, so the coffee machine signals the end of the cleaning;

Let us examine in more detail the options for caring for various models of coffee machines:

A) How to clean the delongs of a coffee machine from scale?

The first step is to take a cleaning agent - it may be a choice in favor of a specialized substance that Delonghi produces for its household appliances.

It produces environmentally friendly products that are also used to care for teapots, the compositions are absolutely harmless to human health. One bottle is enough for four times, which significantly increases the efficiency of the equipment.

To ensure cleaning of the product, it is necessary to go through several stages, which must be consistent with the instructions. In the absence of automatic cleaning, you need to pour the product yourself and about a liter of water into the device, then turn on the equipment, drain about two cups of the solution and close the lever. Prepare several cups of the product, the volume of which is equal to the amount of liquid previously infused. After the solution leaves the container, repeat the process with cold water.

It is important to know! Cleaning the coffee machine is carried out strictly according to the instructions. Only a specialized solution is used for the process. Do not use household compounds, they can damage the elements of the system.

B) How to clean a bork coffee machine?

An automatic cycle is used to carry out the process. If it is necessary to conduct a full cycle, the indicator light begins to reflect. To carry out the manipulation, it is necessary to install a cleaning disc in a specialized holder, then a tablet of the product is placed, and the element is installed in the brewing unit.

The tank is filled with water to the maximum mark, in the off mode you need to press two buttons - this is on / off and making a coffee drink. The buttons are held for 3 seconds, a full cleaning cycle begins.

Descaling requires the use of a specialized liquid with water. Next, the steam supply and beverage preparation modes are switched on in turn, the process continues until the infused solution is completed. Then the tank is washed with clean water and the process is repeated, only clean water will already be required.

C) How to clean the capsule coffee machine?

There are two methods - manual rinsing and the use of a cleaning capsule. The first option can be used 1-2 times a week. The following product elements are washed:

  • Hopper from under the capsule;
  • Container;
  • Boiler compartment.

Weekly care of the device will save its appearance and working condition.

Capsule coffee machines are also cleaned with a specialized capsule, which removes all scale from hard to reach places. It is placed in the machine at the place of installation of the coffee capsule, the coffee maker turns on for two minutes and cleaning takes place. It is used after every thirty cups of the drink, the capsule is absolutely safe for the body, the cleaning process is simple and quick.

If the nespresso function is not available, then manual washing is used.

Important! Do not use capsules of poor quality.

How to clean a coffee machine from limescale with citric acid?

Manufacturers prudently produce cleaning products for their models, you can choose the options for universal cleaners, they are available in the form of a liquid substance or tablet.

Important notice! You can not use a product intended for the care of a bathroom or kitchen, nor do ordinary formulations apply.

The best universal composition is considered citric acid. It has several advantages:

  • efficiency;
  • harmlessness;
  • lack of toxic fumes;
  • low cost;
  • can be purchased at any convenience store.

To understand the meaning of the process, you need to carefully study the recommendations:

  1. Proportions of components, features. In this case, the proportion must be respected, since too concentrated a solution can harm the parts of the product. It is prepared at the rate of 30 grams of acid per 1 liter of water.
  2. Disassembly. The convenience of the method lies in its simplicity; there is no need to disassemble the product.
  3. Process description. This action takes no more than 40 minutes, if the scale is old, then a little more. The device is disconnected from the power supply, a prepared solution is poured into the water tank, then it is installed in the device. The coffee machine is plugged into the network and an automatic cleaning function is set (if any). In the absence of such a regime, it is necessary to carry out cleaning in manual mode. To do this, wait about 20 minutes and start making coffee, the procedure is repeated until the citric acid solution is completely consumed. Next, the product is turned off, and the container is well washed twice. Pure water is drawn into it and installed back into the apparatus and the beverage preparation mode is activated. The effectiveness of the procedure is achieved after complete cleaning and two washes of the tank.
  4. Precautionary measures. Despite the simplicity of the procedure, it should be remembered that the concentration of the solution must strictly comply with the standards. Otherwise, problems may arise with the internal elements of the product, acid in high concentration corrodes the metal. It is also advisable to use hand gloves.


For proper cleaning of the coffee machine, it is enough to follow its instructions, use high-quality compounds and carry out cleaning in a timely manner. Only then will the product last a long time, and the coffee will be aromatic.

The procedure is carried out at least once every 2-3 months, or rather, after brewing 250 cups of coffee. Household appliances significantly accelerate the performance of daily affairs, most importantly, properly and systematically take care of it, not sparing time and effort.

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