Floor lamp "Flower" do it yourself

The comfort in the house largely depends on the small accessories installed in one or another part of the room. Often they carry not only aesthetics, but also an emotional burden. In addition, there are accessories that, among other things, have practical value. An example of such an accessory can be a floor lamp.

What is a floor lamp "Flower" do-it-yourself and why is it needed? This is a lighting fixture mounted on a special stand. As a rule, it is installed on the floor near the bed or coffee table. A lamp is inserted into it and it creates a pleasant soft, but not bright light.

ATimportant to remember!That there are incandescent lamps, a surface which can be heated to a temperature of more than a hundred degrees. Therefore, each such lamp has limitations on the power of the lamps that can be inserted into it.

Preparation of materials and tools for creating the floor lamp "Flower"

How to make a floor lamp "Flower" with your own hands? Industrial luminaires are not always suitable for the design of the room in which they are installed. They also cost quite a lot. Therefore, in order to solve these problems, some people make such lighting fixtures on their own. Among other things, there is also a creative component of the process.

What materials can you make a giant floor lamp "Flower" with your own hands? If we talk about the lamp in the form of a flower, then the flower itself can be made from isolon. This is an insulating material of small thickness. It happens both white and other colors.

It is well painted. Lighting fittings are best purchased standard at an electrical store.

A standard wiring tool kit is required to connect electrical fittings. And for making the flower itself, you will need sharp scissors, a drywall knife and glue to hold the petals together.

The assembly of the giant floor lamp "Flower"

The lighting fixture is assembled in parts. First, an ornament is cut out of the isolon. Its size will depend on the imagination of the person and the design of the room. The stand and lamp foot are also separately assembled. Then all these nodes are combined into a single whole.

Chuck and cord connection with switch

Specialimportant Be careful with wiring connections. The cartridge, cord and plug must be perfectly functional. In addition, there should be no bare wires anywhere. Also, usually a switch is installed on the lamp.

Thus, you can simply create your own masterpiece in the form of a floor lamp for the living room or bedroom.

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